Who are Palette and Pasture?

Palette and Pasture is based at Pyle Farm, in the village of Trudoxhill, on the outskirts of Frome, in rural Somerset.  Palette and Pasture makes delicious gelato from the dairy herd at Pyle Farm.  This is sold at the on site Ice Cream Parlour.  Palette and Pasture also host seasonal trails, and pick your own events, throughout the year.

Pyle farm is home to Paul and Rachel, along with their two children Abigail and Will, Mabel the chocolate lab, Dolly the black lab, tuppence the miniature daxi, Saffy and Ruby the cats, Billy, Audrey and Mildred the pigmy goats, Minnie & Sage the micro pigs, Derek, Keith & Clive the sheep, Louis the Hereford bull and a whole lot of fabulous cows.

Their daughter Abigail is a qualified chef and works at ‘Boodles’ in London.  When home for the weekend she can be found helping out in the ice cream parlour or at an event with the gelato trailer. Abigail has lots of fabulous flavour ideas especially when it comes to the more unusual and exciting ones.

The Family Farm

Most days Paul is busy working and managing the dairy farm, whilst Rachel is creating and organising the gelato side of the businesses, with a little painting time thrown into the mix.

With help from their extended family and fantastic friends alongside a small number of dedicated employees, Pyle farm has one amazing team we are all proud to be part of.

Their son Will is often out and about at the ice cream parlour with a smile on his face, and a gelato in his hand! Like his parents, Will has a passion for British farming and a love for looking after animals. During the weekends and school holidays, he can be easily spotted on the quad bike getting the cows in at milking time. He already has a wide wealth of knowledge of Pyle Farm which he will readily share with visitors. Will proudly takes a very hands-on approach to both the working farm, office complex and ice cream parlour… he is already planning on being the 4th generation.

As farmers, and food producers we are aware of the importance of using and sourcing British made goods and foods where possible.